Organisational Assessments Mining, Mineral, Petroleum and Industrial sector

Organisational Assessments

All our organisational assessments are conducted using local and international guidelines, ensuring our clients’ business goals speak to local and foreign investors alike.


Documents – organisational assessments
We assess all health and safety documents to ensure they are compliant with legal and other requirements. Not only does this put our clients on par with world leading organisations, it also helps establish them as leaders themselves.

Health, Safety and Environmental Programmes – organisational assessments
While all organisations have their own Health, Safety and Environmental Programmes, they aren’t necessarily the right fit for their needs. That’s where we come in. Our in-depth assessment will determine whether the current approach is in fact the best programme for the client’s unique requirements, or if it is in need of a partial or overall renewal.

Organisational Climate – organisational assessments
Leaders strive to create a climate conducive to sustainable growth but aren’t always aware of the challenges they face within their own organisations. World-class managers may ensure a perfect bureaucratic organisation, but leaders will assist in determining the most appropriate direction while possessing the guts to embark on this journey.

An organisational climate assessment will decipher the underlying values and what is required to move your organisation successfully towards the future.

Leadership – organisational assessments
All organisations have their own formidable corps of leaders. These leaders also need to be able to take their organisation to the next level to ensure survival, while having the ability to strengthen their positions in a highly competitive environment where only the best continue to grow and strengthen their lead.

It is advisable to assess both organisational climate and leadership at the same time.

Legal Compliance – organisational assessments
A full legal compliance assessment with the Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) is conducted. The value thereof is self-explanatory as it assists organisations to prevent unnecessary legal action and potential negative impact.

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